What Can I Do?


While reaching out directly to provide food, clothing, or other items to persons experiencing homelessness may feel like a compassionate way to help those in need, your generosity may inadvertently keep people homeless.

Should you wish to distribute food or other items, please read the City of Sacramento’s permitting requirements and CA Health and Safety Code health permit requirements for the public distribution of food.


We recommend direct donations to those organizations working on behalf of the City to connect with those experiencing homelessness. Donate time or money to any of our partner organizations such as:

For more opportunities to lend a helping hand, visit Hands on Superior NorCal.


The City of Sacramento Police Dept. has created a guide with information on how the City responds to homeless encampments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If there are signs of unoccupied homeless encampments in and around your neighborhood, within the Sacramento City limits, report them to the City’s 311 Service Center.

If you witness criminal activity perpetrated by someone experiencing homelessness or where a person experiencing homelessness is a victim, call 911 immediately.