In August 2021 the Mayor and City Council approved a Comprehensive Siting Plan that listed 20 sites that could provide space for various types of shelters for people experiencing homelessness. City staff has been working since then to evaluate each site and develop a plan to open the most viable sites.

The City has these shelters and resources online now to help address homelessness. Some of these were in the Comprehensive Siting Plan, others preceded it, or are in addition to it.

 Location or Program Type of Shelter   Type of Population Max. Population 
 Meadowview Navigation Center  Congregate  Women only  100
 X Street Navigation Center  Congregate  Co-ed adults  100
 North 5th Street Shelter  Congregate  Co-ed adults  163
 Motel Voucher Program  5 Motels/370 rooms  Mostly women and children  Approx. 450
 Miller Park North  Safe Parking  Coed, families  50 Vehicles/50 people
 Miller Park West   Safe Ground
60 tents
 Co-ed adults  100 people
 LGBT Center  Various  Transitional Aged Youth (TAY)  Approx. 40
 Wind Youth Services  Emergency Shelter  TAY  18
 Waking the Village   Emergency Shelter  TAY Parents with children  20
 The Grove   Emergency Shelter  TAY  50
 Auburn Blvd. Outreach and Engagement Center   Short-term respite  Co-ed/families  50
 11 sites/programs      Total: 1,141

Monthly updates to the Comprehensive Siting Plan:  

April 2022 (found at item 9)
March 2022 (found at item 20)

Read the Comprehensive Siting Plan